The Immorek Community (Immortek.com) is an international, not-for-profit, membership-based organization.

Its mission is "to make all possible to reach physical immmortality in the next 10-20 years".

To advance this mission, Immortek.com aims to provide, among other things:

  • a repository of high-quality information,
  • an open public forum for the free exchange of information and views,
  • an infrastructure to support community projects and initiatives, and
  • the facilities for supporting an international community of those with an interest in life extension.

Immortek.com hosts an Online Forum, is planning to publish books, create films and organize conferences.

Full Membership status is acquired by donation as a student, regular or lifetime member.


Immortek.com is supported by donations and by sponsored advertising. To make a one-time donation and to become a Full Member of Immortek.com, please see the "Donate" page.