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Author:  vivaever [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Agelessness

One of the titles i've been experimenting with for my paper
is 'Agelessness - a mass possibility'. Joe Smith
left this comment and has given me permission to share it with
others -

I'm 83. The skin on my arms was dry and flaking, the hair gone. I've
had five skin cancers removed from my left arm. I got the idea that
by stimulating the skin on my arms with a body scrubber when I bathed
I might rejuvenate the skin. The hair on my arms has come back. There
is no more flaking. And, hopefully, no more skin cancers. The hair on
my head was dry, thin and unruly. I started vigorously massaging my
scalp when I shampooed. My hair now has the sheen it had 30 years ago
and stays in place.

When I retired in 1995, I suffered chest pain when I walked a block.
My doctor told me I was a candidate for open heart surgery. Life in
the big city was stressful. My wife and I opted for fulltime RVing.
We beat the rap, remaining happy-go-lucky nomads for 9 years. We're
now living in our dream home in the tall timber 30 miles west of Mt.
Hood. I climb mountains without chest pain. A lot of my time is spent
thinking, writing, playing my keyboard and singing for my own
amusement. I enjoy gardening.

Much of what you write is what I think and write in my blogs. Have
you thought that we limit our state of awareness? There is no
boundary. What would our allotted time be if we were aware of a
hundred times more? Would our time here not be proportionally
greater? We replace our skin once a week. Are we not to our body
cells as God is to our whole self? I ceased limiting my awareness. A
long time back, I saw myself as bigger than life and my world
expanded. It is still expanding. I've a zest for living. I'm
physically healthier now than I was 13 years ago. I'm mentally
healthier now than I've ever been.

I love Joe's LIVING example of the power of this perceptional shift.

blessings Janni

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